Call of Cthulhu: Last Rites

Lethal Legacy: Part I

The investigators are roused at an early hour by heavy knocking on Mr. Walker’s front door.
It is Oscar Stoker flanked by two officers of her majesty’s law. Oscar explains that there has been a break-in at the University’s Museum and (once they arrive and look at the videotape evidence this becomes clear) that a doppleganger of Benjamin Walker was taped stealing an ancient Mummy.

After spotting a conspicuious magazine, “Black Goat Quarterly”, which Jasmine knows to be published by Third Eye Books (on campus) the investigators interview the proprietor, Josh Wilton. He quickly identifies the man as Douglas Drebber, a local eccentric who lives in Highgate on Lich street.

It is soon obvious, once arriving at the house, that something terrible has happened, most of the back of the house has been demolished, and the grounds remains of a woman are found inside. After turning over the house the investigators discover the Mummy in the bathroom, less its hands and feet, a jar of (presumed) Dust of Suleiman and a notable excerpt from Children of the Sea and Stars

As the investigators take in this, one of Stoker’s men knocks on the door and informs them that Drebber is dead.



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