Children of the Sea and Stars (1898)

Recipe: Dust of Suleiman


An excerpt from “Children of the Sea and Stars” (1898):
“But fear not, dear reader, for there do exist protections against those dread and unwanted visitations. The most effective that is know to the author is a powder. Used by the Ancients, this has its provenance, so it is believed, in Ancient Egypt. Known by some as the Ashes of Karnak, by others as the Dust of Suleiman, and by others yet as the Protection of the Hyksos, the ingredients fo the mixture are, save for one, readily available.
For three doses, mix together equal parts of olibanum, sulphur and salt-peter. Equal in weight to those three combined must be the ground dust of an Egyptian King orr noble who has lain in its mummified state for at least two millennia. How this last component is acquired tests the initiative and resource of the individual.”


Translation of Monstres de la Mer et la √Čtoiles (1869)

Children of the Sea and Stars (1898)

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