Call of Cthulhu: Last Rites

The Horror in the Dark (Lethal Legacy Part II)

The investigators' time is running out...

After finding clues in Drebber’s apartment (picture of the Kalms, their house phone number, the revaltion that Drebber was once married to Mary Kalms and evidence of an incantation against them) the Investigators realise that the Kalms are in grave danger.

They drive to Liverpool St. station, with a view to getting a train north to Cambridge (where the Kalms manor is), but are thwarted by the weather. They drive northward through the blizzard, coming off the road twice, the second time with fatal consequences.

RIP Juantonio De La Guarda 1969 – 2nd of December 1992.

After steeling themselves for 2 mile walk through blizzard conditions, the survivors (The police officer did not make it) arrive at a hamlet and, after a chat with a nice old lady at the local B&B, jimmy open an old Fiesta and drive to the Kalms manor.

The manor is powered by a generator, as the power is out in the storm. After Oscar demonstrates that the universe does not always work in the way Kalms thinks it does (By snatching something out of thin air) and a little persuasion from Benjamin, he is persuaded that there is something supernatural after his family. And then the lights go out.

Smashed windows, scraching at doors, an attack on Mary and a hastily-put together plan result in Benjamin crouching behind the front door with a spear poisened with the Dust, while Jasmin and Kalms stand by. Oscar opens the door, and Kalms collapses in fright and starts muttering about Sheffield.
The Dimensional Shambler leans into the Fo’yeah, looks at Benjamin, leans out again, and closes the door with it on the outside.
As all are recovering from this odd turn of events, a window shatters in the conservatory and Mrs. Kalms screams. The Investigators rush back into the dining room, dragging Kalms with them, to see the Shambler in the doorway leering at the family.

Escape is utmost on their mind, Mary has been killed. The family follow the Investigators out through the Utility room as the Shambler finally realises how fire works. With the Fo’yeah engulfed in flames, they jump in the Land Rover, fire a final volley of knives and bullets at the Shambler and attempt to run it over. After being hit, the shambler seems to fold in on itself and vanishes from the world. It is not known weather in defeat or in retreat.

The drive back to the Walker residence was a sullen one.




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